• Our embroidered GP Rose Sweatshirt is made from organic and bio cotton and in a fair-trade environment, therefore you can be sure that you wear sustainability on yourself! The two added KAMAY KO tags makes it special and unique. The Goodbye Plastic 1.0 collection was inspired by and aiming for to transform the classic single used plastic bag designs of Chinatown to a sustainable format. All the designs on the products are coming from these districts from New York and Hungary as well, where these patterns are holding a special emotional and historical meaning for these communities.


    Kamay Ko is a slow-fashion brand and we are aiming to be environmentally conscious, therefore our products are made in limited numbers. Due to this some products could have longer shipping time. Please contact us if you have any questions!


    • 100% bio cotton

    • Unisex

    • Vegan

    • Reduced CO₂ footprint

    • Oversized 

    GP Rose Sweatshirt - PASTEL ROSE

    22 990 FtPrice
    • 100% organic cotton (GOTS certification)